Kids Rock Star Makeup & Karaoke Parties!

It’s your kids turn to shine and get the celeb treatment! Have their makeup and hair done like rock star glammies, in our professional studio! Let them have the times of their lives singing karaoke to their fav songs, with their friends!

For Kids Grade 1 to 4!

Lots of fun, singing and dancing, for up to 9 kids, accessories provided. Makeup designs full of sparkles, shimmer, lip gloss, blush, drawn on eyelashes, & cute designs for their cheeks!

Fun & Affordable!

Flat 2 hour fee of $190 for Maximum 8 kids at a party

First get all dolled up, by TWO professional makeup artists, Glam Makeup, Hair Decorating, Accessory & be sure to come all Dressed Up. Then sing and dance using our Karaoke, in our photo studio room. Moms can record! Let the kids make their own music video, singing and dancing, while their favorite you tube singers play on the big screen (controlled by moms using netflix) !

Table for 8 kids to eat any self provided food.